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If you are looking for a strategic partnerin the hospitality industry, GJ World is just that. With nearly 10 years of experience in the hospitality industry, we do more than just work with hotels. We offer hoteliers an integrated service that includes front house staff, housekeeping, food & beverage, maintenance and others.

What we do?

Here’s How It Works

The aim of our service is to make the booking process from choosing a menu to the arrival of your private chef (at the place & time you want them) as quick & easy as possible for you.


Select the location, date & estimated no. of guests for your event.


Browse our delicious selection of set menus & choose one to your liking.


On selection the full price of the booking is displayed for you.

4 - BOOK & PAY

Once you’re happy you can book & pay for your order securely online.


Select any menu, pay just a £60 deposit & change your menu choice up to 14 days before your event.

6 - RELAX...

Sit back, relax & we’ll organise the rest for you.


All that is left for you to do is to confirm your event details including Eat Time & Full Event Address. You’ll be sent an email with access to our event portal requesting this information as well as allowing you to invite your guests to select their menu choices.

If we have any questions we’ll contact you but we’re open 8.30am to 5.30pm Monday to Saturday if you need us and we’ll send you a number of reminders and confirmations leading up to your event.

On the day of your event, your chef will arrive on average 1 to 2 hours before your eat time with all the food and ingredients. They will take over your kitchen preparing, cooking & serving your chosen menu to you and then do a full clear & clean down of the kitchen.


Can I book a private chef & decide on the menu & numbers later? Yes! You can hire a chef and secure your date with a £60 deposit against any personal chef quote. But this doesn’t commit you to the menu or heads which you can adjust up to 14 days before your event.

If we hire a chef, do we all have to select the same dish? No. On any of our private chef menus where you see more than one option per course, your guests get a choice from those options. Post booking you’ll be able to invite your guests to individually select their menu choices through our menu choice tool and so they’ll get to choose which dish they would like from each course.

We have vegan guests & other dietary needs, will this work when booking a chef at home? Although an at home private chef service we can still cater for almost all dietary requirements in one menu. Post booking your guests will detail their needs and our events team will make sure the relevant adjustments are made to ensure each guest is accommodated for by your personal chef on the day. So when choosing a menu, start by selecting one that fits your budget and that has courses best suited to most of your group.